WinOS System Crashes

WinOS System Crashes

We've all experienced that awful moment when the computer screen turns that particularly glaring shade of blue that signifies what is popularly known as the "blue screen of death". This error screen is specific to Microsoft WinOS operating systems and tends to instill a feeling of dread in WinOS users. In short, that blue screen signifies that your computer has "crashed".

Why Do Computers Crash?

Computers crash for many reasons. Sometimes a crash is due to a virus or other form of malware that has gotten its hooks deep into your system and damaged your files. In other cases, the crash may be due to an outdated, malfunctioning device driver. A crash could be due to an issue with computer memory. Or perhaps one of your computer programs is now corrupted. Each of these issues comes with its own separate solution.
The wise thing to do when confronted with that blue screen is to jot down the contents of the error message as it appears on your screen. That way, if you decide to go the route of speaking to a technician, you can offer an accurate description of the issue. The error message offers important clues as to the nature of the issue with your computer. Gathering whatever information is available makes it possible to get your system up and running that much faster.
The next thing you'll want to do is restart your computer. Once your computer is rebooted, reopen any documents you had open at the time of the computer crash. If you were using the Microsoft WORD program, for instance, a side panel should open up with the last saved versions of the documents you were working on before your computer crashed. The idea is to get an idea of what data you might have lost.

What Happens if my Computer Won't Restart?

It could be your computer will refuse to restart. In other cases, your computer will restart, but the WinOS operating system won't kick in. This signifies a more serious computer issue. You may be able to restart your computer by choosing: Last Known Good Configuration. This is a startup option offered by WinOS that makes use of an earlier set of system settings that worked.
If the Last Known Good Configuration fails to get your computer started, the next step is to contact the technical support team of your computer manufacturer.Fearing the worst? Data can sometimes be recovered even in the case of hard disk failure.
If you deleted a file by mistake, you may still be able to recover that file. First see if the file is in your Recycle Bin. If the file was shared by a network, it won't have gone to the Recycle Bin. However, your network administrator may be able to find and retrieve a file that was deleted from a network folder.
Of course, the easiest solution to a computer crash is to let Reimage scan your system online. Reimage specializes in repairing a crashed WinOS system. With regular Reimage scans, you can also prevent future computer crashes, optimize and maintain your system. It can't get any better than that.