WinOS Error 998 - A Few Steps to an Easy Fix

Fix WinOS 998 Error

Overview - What is WinOS Error 998?

WinOS Error 998 is a standard WinOS error code that relates to accessing memory areas that are either damaged or otherwise inaccessible.

There is no one reason why you may be seeing Window Error 998, as it is a WinOS error that can mean a multitude of different things, and can be generated in a number of ways. A WinOS Error 998 can therefore it can be difficult to diagnose. There are a number of procedures you can run through however to try and solve it.

Common Reasons for Seeing This Error Message

One of the reasons this error message may manifest itself is due to faulty internal computer memory. If this is the case, it's probably nothing to do with files on your computer, but hardware related. You can also see this message if a program, process or piece of software attempts to access a memory location that is damaged or doesn't exist.

Other reasons for seeing a WinOS Error 998 is due to incorrect or corrupt registry values, or infection by a virus or malicious software.
Fix WinOS 998 Error

How to Check for Memory Errors

Faulty or failing memory modules cause many memory errors. When you start receiving a number of instances of WinOS Error 998, this can be an indication of a faulty module. If you have more that one memory module, or stick, installed in your computer, you can carefully remove one module.

  • Do this with the power turned off, and remember that memory modules can be extremely static sensitive.
  • You should always handle memory modules whilst wearing an anti-static wrist strap, and use an anti-static mat.

If your computer still encounters WinOS Error 998 messages, then swap the memory modules over and try again. Through a process of elimination you can find out if one of your memory modules is faulty. You can also run a memory check using a suggested program. This checks every memory location and can take some time to complete.

Other Solutions When Solving WinOS Error 998 Messages

If you have not found any memory errors, the following methods can be used to identify and repair a WinOS Error 998.

  • Repair your registry
    Incorrect or corrupt registry entries can be the cause of many WinOS errors such as 998.
  • Check your system for viruses and malware
    Use your anti-virus and anti-malware software to check for any malicious software that might be accessing memory locations that could trigger a 998-error message. Do a quick scan to begin with, and a thorough scan if that doesn't show any issues.
  • Reinstall any software recently added to your computer
    If you often see 998 errors when you are using one particular piece of software, it could be this software is incorrectly installed and triggering the error messages. Completely uninstall any suspect software and reboot your computer. If your computer doesn't generate any further errors, you can try to reinstall the software in question from scratch.