Fixing d3dx9_24.dll Errors

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Overview - What is d3dx9_24.dll?

Fix D3dx924.dll Error

Microsoft's Direct-X includes a number of DLL file (dynamic link library) of which d3dx9_24.dll is one of them. All d3dx9 DLL files you may find on your computer are in some way related to Direct-X. Direct-X is primarily responsible for displaying 3D videos and graphics. Direct-X is commonly used for games and CAD programs.

D3dx9_24.dll is used with Microsoft's Direct-X along with a group of other DLL files with similar names. When you install a piece of software that uses Direct-X, these DLLs are also installed. Direct-X uses these DLL files to properly produce 3D graphics and animations and also to produce audio and surround sound. Direct-X was originally created by Microsoft to manage graphics and sound on systems including Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360, but also PC games and software.

D3dx9_24.dll May Generate These Types of Error Messages

Error messages mentioning d3dx9_24.dll usually indicate that the DLL file is damaged, missing, or corrupt. If this is so, the following error messages will be invoked:

  • d3dx9_24.dll is not found, reinstalling might help to fix this
  • The file d3dx9_24.dll is missing
  • d3dx9_24.dll is missing. Replace d3dx9_24.dll and try again
  • This application has failed to start because d3dx9_24.dll could not be found

WinOS Error messages that mention d3dx9_24.dll will appear mostly when an application that uses Direct-X for displaying 3D graphics is ran. Complex games that use 3D animations could possibly crash as you first run them, other software will display messages the moment Direct-X is run.

If you see WinOS error messages mentioning d3dx9_24.dll, it will be related with Microsoft Direct-X. You will probably see other messages that mention related filenames, such as d3dx9_25.dll, d3dx9_32.dll, and d3dx9_28.dll. There are many DLL files that are related to Direct-X.

Solutions - How to Correct Issues With d3dx9_24.dll

  1. D3dx9_24.dll works very closely with your graphics card and sound card. If you have incorrect drivers installed for your graphics card or sound card, you may see errors relating to d3dx9_24.dll or another Direct-X DLL file. In this case you should download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card.

  2. If an error relating to d3dx9_24.dll appears when using one particular piece of software that uses Direct-X, then you should try uninstalling the software. Re-installing the software following a complete reboot will reinstall the relevant DLL files and fix any issues with Direct-X.

  3. There are updates to Direct-X available from the official Microsoft website. Uninstalling Direct-X and reinstalling should also fix any issues. Remove Direct-X completely from your computer before reinstalling it.

  4. Run software such as system stability scan before attempting to reinstall Direct-X. Any files that are still left over from an incorrect Direct-X install, and any registry files that are pointing to incorrect locations will be found and eliminated.

  5. Use WinOS Restore to restore your system to a previous restore date. Always choose a restore point that exists before the date you first noticed any error messages appearing on your system.

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